About Rachel


New book:  Dream Explorations: A Journey  in Self-Knowledge and Self-Realization

This book teaches the use of contemporary methods of dreamworkinspired by Carl Jung and developed by Montague Ullman, Jeremy Taylor, and many others. Through this book you can also discover the deep inner wisdom you have within yourself that can guide you towards spiritual growth and physical and psychological health and wholeness—toward becoming the person you are meant to become.

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Rachel’s other book is Guided by Dreams: Breast Cancer, Dreams, and Transformation, in which she reveals how knowledge gained through dream interpretation guided many of her decisions during treatment and recovery from breast cancer and how the experience inspired her own spiritual and personal awakening. The book also illustrates several different approaches to working with one’s dreams.

She has contributed numerous articles to Dream Network Journal. For many years she wrote a monthly dream column for a regional newspaper.


A facilitator of dream groups since 1995, she is certified through the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work in California. She is also a facilitator with the Healing Power of Dreams Project of the International Association for the Study of Dreams of which she is a member.

Dream Mandalas: While drawing and/or painting images emerging from their dreams, dreamers may become aware of emotions and/or situations that can lead to insights, ones that can guide them toward a better understanding of themselves, that might suggest approaches to their situations that can be healing in mind, body, or spirit. Rachel has co-facilitated workshops on dream mandalas with Tallulah Lyons at conferences of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and the Haden Institute.


Rachel’s watercolor paintings have appeared in numerous juried exhibitioins throughout the country, receiving many awards, and in invitational exhibitions in the South. She has had many one-person exhibitions and her work may be found in hundreds of private and corporate collections in the USA and abroad.

Rachel was a resident of Virginia for more than 40 decades, where she served at vice-president of the Virginia Watercolor Society in 1995-96 and president in 1997-98.

Teacher and Lecturer

Rachel has taught art in public schools, on the college level, and privately in her studio and for art organizations. She gives lectures and presents workshops on dreams and creating mandalas.

  Complete Resume

A pdf copy of Rachel’s resume may be downloaded by clicking Norment Art Resume.pdf

Additional Training

Rachel has had extensive training and experience in her main fields of interest—dreamwork and watercolor painting. In addition she has taken courses in the Principles of Art Therapy and Mandala Assessment and has had training to be a volunteer with Hospice and a facilitator of Cancer Support Groups.