Creative Painting


Between Jobs

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     Penned In II

Ethyl Corp. Collection

   Richmond, Virginia

The Inner Light of Creativity

In all my works I am expressing visually "shades of light from within," the inner light of creativity, personal and universal. I want to reveal beauty that might otherwise be undiscovered. Joan Drescher, a renowned creator of healing art, pointed out in an article in the Healing Healthcare Network Newsletter some years ago that a simple image of beauty opens our hearts to hope, helps us heal, and brings forth wholeness. The noted Jungian therapist Marion Woodman said it in a similar manner, stating that the images you eat are as important as the food you eat. I hope I am helping to provide a nourishing diet.

The objective of my art is the celebration of life and nature. My paintings are an expression of my love and appreciation of the creatures and the bounty of the earth.  Much of my subject matter now, as always, reflects the influence of growing up on my family's small "gentleman's farm," where my father, a college president, grew flowers and vegetables and raised a wide variety of farm animals. As a young elementary school student I tried my hand at watercolors, painting a cow and her calf.

The Objective of My Art

Although for many years I felt intimidated by watercolor, I  became intrigued and challenged by the medium. After experimenting with it and many different media, I have found watercolor to be my "real love," enjoying its luminosity and freshness, which make it a perfect choice for expressing the light, as source and manifestation, of our inner and outer worlds.

Watercolor — My “Real Love”

Fall Festival Flags #2

       Private Collection

Lilies of the Field

    Artist’s Collection

I feel my many years of teaching art have contributed greatly to my own development as a painter. A teacher learns much from her students and from the process of organizing information and developing a teaching plan which will enable students to develop their own abilities in a progressive manner. I try to impress upon my students the importance of learning the techniques of the media and the basic elements and principles of design, believing that only after these skills are under control can the artist's own creativity have the freedom to flourish.


  Home Grown III

Ethyl Corp. Collection

   Richmond, Virginia


Fellow Artists’ Critiques

“I’ve been very impressed with Rachel Nrrment’s professional approach to her painting. She has the gift of seeing drama and sensitivity in unlikely subjects and transforming them into works of art that the rest of us can relate to. It is this quality which i feel is the essence of creativity—revealing beauty that would otherwise be undiscovered.”

        —Ron Ranson, an English artist and author who lives in Portland, Oregon

“ Mrs. Norment reveals sensitivity to her surroundings in her choice of subjext matter. Her diversified watercolor techniques show complete control of the medium, free flowing color on wet paper followed by line used with economy to suggest crispness and freshness. . . . Her technical skill has not detracted from the spirit and spontaneity. . . . The subtle color throughout this artist’s work captivates the viewer without his knowing how or why.”

        —Eleanor Burruss, former head of art department, St. Catherine’s School, Riichmond, Virginia