More About Guided by Dreams

A Record of Events
When I learned that I had breast cancer in 1994, I immediately went to a bookstore and came home with five or six books relating to cancer, some with medical information, others relating personal experiences of patients. One of the first I read was First You Cry by Betty Rollin. I found it very helpful to know someone else’s personal experiences while going through cancer treatments, and decided to a keep a daily journal of my own experiences, thinking that perhaps some day what I experienced and learned might help someone else. I recorded the events of the day, including actual conversations, into my journal the day they were happening. 

The Idea of a Book
At the time I had no idea of writing a book; I simply wanted a true record of what was happening. Years later, after realizing how relevant and important my dreams had been, both during my treatments and in the years before and afterwards, my husband suggested I write a book about my experience. The idea intrigued me. However, only after taking two courses in how to write creative nonfiction and memoirs did I feel capable of writing such a book. 
A Learning Experience & A Wake-up Call
My illness and efforts to understand what my dreams were trying to tell me about the illness and its causes and possible treatments became a powerful learning experience. I came to realize that the whole experience was a “wake-up call”—a life-transforming event—part of my education, my preparation for my life’s purpose. 

A Preparation for Service
Information learned during a review of dreams that began a couple of years before the cancer diagnosis suggested that I have been following a path, unconsciously, preparing me for a life of service, possibly helping to save lives of other women or, at least, encouraging them to endeavor to become the person they are meant to become.

The Process of Creating a Book
It was seven or eight years after having surgery and completing radiation treatments before I actually began writing the book. I made several revisions on my own after completing the first draft. This was followed by much additional editing once the manuscript was in the hands of a publisher. I learned a lot about the process of book publishing and consider myself fortunate to have been able to have a great deal of input on how the final product would look. This included being able to help design the cover.

On a special occasion soon after I had the finished book in hand, I had the opportunity to announce the book’s publication. This is what I said:

“I am 72 years old. I have just given birth. The gestation period lasted over 12 years. Labor lasted more than 4 years. But the delivery has finally taken place.”
This was an apt metaphor. Actually various dreams that appeared during the writing and preparations for publication used the image of pregnancy and giving birth. These are described in the book’s Epilogue. 
The Intent 
I hope that my story will encourage readers to become more aware of the importance of dreams, to begin recording their own dreams, and to learn how to understand them. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will benefit from them. To learn more about the benefits of dreamwork, read more...

Some Responses to the Book
Responses to the book have come from a variety of sources. They have been received in the form of endorsements from professionals who know and use dreamwork, book reviews, and comments from general readers. I am grateful for all and feel especially rewarded to hear from readers who found the book informative, fascinating, and helpful.  

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