Readers’ Comments


I read Guided by Dreams and find it heartwarming and full of useful information. I know next to nothing about the interpretation of dreams, so that was for me a fascinating aspect of the book. I am interested too in holistic medicine, particularly the important role diet plays in our health. . . . I was intrigued by your mandalas. .

. . I like the idea of the mandala as an art form that allows for wide-ranging creativity.

Charlotte S.


For some time I’ve been really excited about turning sixty and that puzzled me. I decided that the next decade of my life would be an adventure. After reading your book I spent two days reading dreams and journal entries of my own from the past five years. A much clearer picture began to evolve. Things that were right in front of my eyes became clear. Many of my family and friends think dream work is foolish, even weird. It’s clear to me that this journey for me will be “my bliss”. . . . Thank you for sharing your journey.

Betty Y.


I was unable to save your book for my time away this winter. I’ve just finished Guided by Dreams. As a cancer survivor (uterine) I identified closely with your emotions and dilemmas. Life is never the same after the “C word” becomes part of your experience. . . . Thanks for writing and sharing your experiences so candidly—and for causing me to be aware of my dreams anew.

Jean S.                                 


Your book arrived, I sat down and immediately read the first three chapters! Then, of course, I finished it over the next few days. I enjoyed it immensely! As I read, it was as though I could hear your voice reading to me . . . what a special prize. You have done a magnificent job, it is well written, and flows in such a way as to keep me moving along through all the complexities. I can only imagine the time, efforts, and at times, frustrations you experienced in the process, but I want to congratulate you for a worthwhile end result.

Grace N.        



I have enjoyed reading your book so very much. It is so full of wisdom and love. I think I have stretched out the reading of it, because I didn't want it to end.  It is so special.

Sylvia S.


What an informative book you wrote, Rachel. I have lent the book to a friend already. You certainly found your dreams a guiding force in the treatment of breast cancer. It is very well written and quite useful for the public. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and others, in your book.

Mary L.


Congratulations on your approach to the reality of cancer and accepting the fact without trying to hide it, as many people still do. That allowed you to build a support net, starting with Owen, children, family, friends, doctors, etc. that is what every patient with a chronic disease needs, and the cancer sufferer more so. Then your quest for information, questioning doctors time and again, looking for a second, third, four, or fifth opinion, that gave you an opportunity to understand the disease and treatment and helped you to aid the doctor to manage your case. A well-educated patient about his/her disease makes the doctor’s task much easier, rather than giving the doctor the burden of the decision. After all it is your body and your health. Your reaction to the diagnosis, fear, despair, disbelief, denial, is very much the standard, everybody does through some or all of these. You have described very well your range of emotion. . . .

A book that many people who go through what you have gone through could benefit from, a book that will make people think about how to face the situation and how to deal with it. How to manage the problem. Yours is a healthy approach to a devastative disease.

I congratulate you for your handling of the whole affair and for the way you attacked it head on, rather than denied it. I congratulate you for building such a support group and, finally, I congratulate you for trying to find different approaches to a very complex and difficult diagnosis and your stamina in writing the book. But most of all, as a cancer survivor myself, I congratulate you in the success of the outcome.

Tony M., M.D.


I appreciate your sending the book. It is an amazing book. I was really fascinated reading your interpretations of dreams, etc. These things surely do make us stronger, don't they? My husband and I have been through a similar experience. He had colon cancer in 1999. He is doing so well now and we are surely blessed in so many ways. Thanks for sending it.

Martha R.